Hand and Foot Care

  1. Essential Manicure

    1. 36

    2. Your hands receive all the necessary basics. Nails and cuticles are groomed with detail. Your skin is moisturized with a hydrating hand lotion and fingernails finished, polished, or buffed to your desire.

  2. Essential Pedicure

    1. 63

    2. Feel truly pampered when we administer a perfect pedicure, including an herbal foot soak, a stimulating peppermint scrub and a relaxing foot massage. Leaving your feet looking and feeling their best.

  3. Shellac Manicure

    1. 45

    2. To extend the length of your manicure and polish for up to two weeks, add Shellac polish to our Essential Manicure.

  4. Shellac Polish Change

    1. 34

    2. This long lasting polish can last up to 2 week and comes in a variety of colours.

  5. Spa Manicure

    1. 46

    2. Indulge in a soothing, hydrating and relaxing paraffin wax treatment, which softens the cuticles and deeply conditions the skin along with an essential manicure.

  6. Spa Pedicure

    1. 73

    2. Relax your tired feet with a soothing and hydrating paraffin wax treatment along with our Essential Pedicure.

  7. Organic Manicure

    1. 36

    2. Enjoy the natural essence of Spa Ritual Vegan product line as we thoroughly pamper your hands with a complete manicure. (45 minutes)

  8. Organic Pedicure

    1. 62

    2. Treat your feet to our organic, vegan full pedicure featuring the spirit and benefits of the Spa Ritual philosophy. (75 minutes)

  9. Youth Pedicure

    1. 35

    2. Youth Pedicure for those 12 years of age and under.


  1. MANicure (includes paraffin)

    1. 34

    2. With a polish-free buff, clip, and file, and relaxing arm massage, our essential manicure adds the finishing touch to a well-groomed man. (45 minutes)

  2. Men's Pedicure

    1. 59

    2. Grooming should go from head to toe. Nails are trimmed and buffed while your feet are treated to a relaxing soak and moisturizing massage. This is the cure for your tired feet! (60 minutes)


  1. Shellac Removal

    1. 15

  2. Toe Polish Change

    1. 25

  3. Polish Change

    1. 22

    2. (light file and polish application) – 15 minute service

Note about Polish Applications

We regret that we cannot guarantee the length of wear from our polish applications. As a result we are not responsible for chipped or damaged nail polish once you have left our establishment. We choose high quality products to give you a lasting result, however individual wear and activities can greatly shorten the length of your polish application.

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